OMV GAS is the strong link formed from the flexibility and high level of service of EconGas and the international expertise and financial strength of the OMV Group. In other words, a partner you can rely on.

OMV GAS has a local presence. In Austria, Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands and Belgium we have been our customers' partner for success for many years.

OMV GAS offers its customers security of supply, continuously records an increase in sales, has a wealth of industry knowledge and sales expertise, and trades on the most important European natural gas stock exchanges.

Long-term, direct contracts with international natural gas producers and storage and transport operators, as well as domestic natural gas reserves make your supply a safe bet. And our specialist expertise and focus on service form the basis for mutual growth with our customers.



Michael Peisser is the Senior Vice President of OMV Gas Marketing & Trading GmbH. He graduated from Vienna Business School and attended the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University in California, studying on the postgraduate Stanford Executive Program.


In 1992 he started working at OMV and has held various senior management positions within the OMV Group in Austria and abroad since then. As Senior Vice President of OMV, Michael Peisser manages the Supply, Marketing & Trading for the Gas and Power business area, which also belongs to OMV GAS.


Here at OMV GAS, we want to be there for our customers over the long term as a local, successful natural gas trading company in central and Eastern Europe.

We build on our strengths as one of the leading natural gas suppliers in Austria in the B2B market and orient our strategy far beyond Austria's borders. Our OMV sister companies in Romania and Turkey extend the reach of our services and expertise into these markets.


As a subsidiary of OMV, we are part of an international group, whose activities range from well and gas imports to services for end customers. This integrated value-added chain, our international experience in trading and access to the most important trading platforms as well as our long-standing partnerships with international producers lay the foundations for the growth of our direct sales business on an international level.

Security of supply will also play a significant role for OMV GAS in the future, which means it will be necessary to diversify our sources of supply, transport channels and also the duration of contracts.

Our strategy is based on:

  • Identifying and developing the most attractive markets to expand our portfolio
  • Developing and managing sales and supply locations
  • Managing the associated, complex logistics
  • Developing and managing a trading organization
  • Maximizing the integrated added value by optimizing our portfolio


OMV GAS operates far beyond the Austrian borders in various business areas and has successfully positioned itself in the B2B segment as an international player with strong Austrian roots. With subsidiaries in Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands and Belgium, we are always close at hand for our customers in these countries.


Being close to our customers is important to us, as it is an essential requirement for long and trusting relationships. Other potential markets, such as the Czech Republic, Slovakia or Slovenia, in which OMV GAS already has a wholesale and trading presence, are constantly monitored by our analysts.



With its headquarters in Vienna and a site in Linz, as well as subsidiaries in Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands and Belgium, OMV GAS is a local, strong and reliable partner for its customers.


Our strategic goal to increase sales depends on the quality of our consulting, a strong focus on service and the additional engineering services we offer. This ensures our customers are satisfied and helps us foster long-standing relationships. Partnership with our customers is therefore of the utmost importance. In addition to the basic product, the reliable and sustainable supply of natural gas, our customers benefit from intelligent pricing and risk management systems that are tailored to their needs.

This includes the best possible security of supply, which we can offer our customers thanks to our sufficient storage capacities, direct contracts with major producers, access to Austria's domestic production and to transport capacities on the main transit routes, and focused balancing group and nomination management.


Thanks to Austria's favourable location at the heart of Europe, our direct access to diversified sources of supply, Austria's domestic production, adequate transport capacities on the main transit routes and sufficient storage capacities, we position ourselves as a key player in European natural gas trading.

OMV GAS buys and sells natural gas from and to trading partners around the world. Trading at various European trading points fulfils both a procurement and a sales function. The expansion of natural gas trading represents an important strategic area of growth for us.


This is why OMV GAS has always been one of the most active players on the German and Viennese natural gas stock exchanges, and why over the last few years it has stepped up its activities on all the European natural gas stock exchanges on which it is listed.

For you as a customer this means our profound knowledge of the market, detailed analysis of the opportunities and comprehensive assessment of the risks lay the foundations for successful transactions.

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Providing you with security of supply at fair and predictable prices is one of our main goals.


As a wholly owned subsidiary, OMV GAS has access to the natural gas obtained by OMV's exploration and production activities in both Austria and other European production centres. For over 50 years, OMV has been importing natural gas from Russia, which has the largest natural gas reserves in the world. Large quantities of natural gas are also purchased from Norway, whereby a balanced procurement portfolio is guaranteed to ensure a long-term supply for you.

Purchasing liquefied natural gas (LNG) also opens up interesting opportunities in terms of long-term security of supply. The signing of a contract on LNG regasification capacities with the Rotterdam Gate terminal in December 2007 was another step we've taken in our commitment to LNG. The contract enables us to regasify up to three billion cubic metres of natural gas per year.



To ensure you have a continuous supply of natural gas, it is not simply a case of piping gas from A to B. Flexibility is the key to an uninterrupted gas supply.


One of our most important tasks is managing climatic or production-related fluctuations, as well as other challenging situations. This is why our Gas Logistics experts forecast demand during every hour of the following day, and update these estimates on an hourly basis, according to current consumption and weather data.

Through professional energy management we deliver natural gas to our customers exactly when they need it. Although our natural gas is delivered to us in fixed quantities, accurate forecasting, procurement and storage management on an hourly basis enable us to adjust supplies to customers' seasonal and hourly load profiles.

What is more, our Gas Logistics team handles the nominations for natural gas transport requirements on international transport pipelines, at storage facilities and trading platforms and in the distribution regions. The demand for natural gas transport is derived from long-term import agreements, the predicted sales of our customers at home and abroad, and natural gas trading at the various European trading points.

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